Monday, April 23, 2012

"Master Builder" Pulte Homes


ANYONE who is considering entering into a contract with Pulte Homes to build them a new house should examine these photos and photo descriptions. They show what you can expect from dishonest, reckless and arrogant "Master Builder" Pulte Homes--shoddy construction and poor customer treatment.

Here's a sample of the photos and descriptions:

"Here is our deck. Because the house was shifting so much (5 inches lower in the back of the house than the front of the house) When you stepped onto our deck you felt like you were going to fall right over the railing..."

"When Pulte came out to inspect they wouldnt step foot on our deck (safety hazard). They immediately put supports underneath it however we had to live with it that way for over a year before they'd even come out!!"

There are more--simply click on the hotlink above.

SHAME on Pulte Homes. And, SHAME on the Town of Schertz, TX for not protecting its citizens and condemning Pulte's shoddy, and dangerous, construction.


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