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The Golden Rule

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The Golden Rule

I first became a blogger about 5 years ago when I attempted to warn people here about defective roof truss connections. This was after I had gone to Pulte, the SCHH Community Association, and Beaufort County, and nothing happened.

For trying to warn people, I’ve been called a charlatan and a bad Christian. I posted one foul-mouthed comment on my blog (
that supposedly came from a SCHH resident (although they didn’t identify themselves by name). All of this because I tried to warn people about defective roof truss connections.

There are bloggers who regularly post, and there are those who read blogs, but never (or rarely) post themselves. There are “snipers” who never have an original thought themselves, but are quick to criticize others for theirs. Snipers, have you ever heard of The Golden Rule?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Faulty stucco blamed for rash of mold problems at Sun City
Published Friday, June 4, 2010

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010



To the NRC:

Acknowledging in a private email that residents should be concerned with house construction issues, is NOT the same as putting a TYSK out to EVERYBODY in the community quoting Derek Morgan as saying "There’s nothing to worry about". It’s also NOT the same as putting it in Sunsations or on SCHH TV, ALL of which Pulte control.

The "to whom it may concern" letter that Derek Morgan put out stating that stucco weep screeds are "NOT FOR DRAINAGE" shows either a lack of knowledge of basic stucco construction, OR disregard for the truth. NEITHER is good.

UNTIL the NRC obtains some objectivity in reporting house construction issues to homeowners, it (the NRC) will ALWAYS be viewed as being "in the tank" for Pulte H



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Buy a Pulte house, get treated like a child

Subject: Re: [HummingbirdHaven] [SCHHNRC] NRC meeting notes
Date: 6/19/2010 11:31:38 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
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Ross and Marie,


As I said, I am interested in a neighborhood association that represents the interests of homeowners. I am NOT interested in receiving Pulte propaganda from a neighborhood association that is supposed to be representing the interests of homeowners.

Thank you.

Ray Koenig
58 Redtail

Following is the "INAPPROPRIATE" message, as determined by a twenty-something Pulte employee:

In a (INAPPROPRIATE???) message dated 6/19/2010 11:17:12 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Ross and Marie,

Thank you.

For our benefit, some time ago, you compiled a list of Pulte warranties. I recall that the list that you complied showed the Pulte warranty against leaks as ten years. Is that correct? Pulte seems to change the terms of their warranties from time to time. It occurs to me that the warranties at the time that we purchased our homes should be the warranties that are in effect for us.

Derek Morgan may feel that mold is "not something that most Sun City residents should be concerned about". I STRONGLY disagree. Also, Derek Morgan may feel that "there was only a small percentage of the homes that had a (stucco) problem." I question Derek Morgan's technical qualifications to make such a determination. I also question his ability to be unbiased in his opinions as they relate to Pulte Homes. Therefore, I STRONGLY disagree with his opinions on technical matters.

As a homeowner, frankly I'm not interested in Derek Morgan's, or Pulte's, opinions. I am interested in a neighborhood association that represents the interests of homeowners, not Pulte homes.

Thank you again.

Ray Koenig
58 Redtail

Following is the initial email that prompted my "INAPPROPRIATE" response:

In a message dated 6/19/2010 10:30:04 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Hi everyone. We thought you might find this excerpt from the June NRC meeting notes to be of interest. At these meetings, we usually have Derek Morgan, President of the Board of Directors and Sue Sweeney, Community Association Executive Director, answer questions and comments from the Neighborhood Reps as well as other Community Association employees such as Tonja Flanagan (Director of Community Standards) and Bert DeFazio, Security Director. Hope you find this of interest.

Ross and Marie

Subject: NRC meeting notes

Hi everyone. Following are the notes from the 6/10 NRC meeting

Question and Answer:

A. Derek Morgan
· Status of Reopening Cypress Hills Lane: Derek said that this is not a high priority subject. The BOD does not have it at the top of their list to discuss. This subject is something that needs to be more thoroughly discussed. Armand Klinger (Hidden Cypress Alt Rep) objected to the amount of traffic going through the parking lot at Hidden Cypress fitness center. Barbara Lenta (Resident BOD member) talked about one solution that had been discussed was to install rumble strips to slow down the speed of cars navigating through the parking lot. The subject was left open.

· Island Packet article on mold in some Sun City homes: Derek Morgan said that that mold article was written in regard to one home in question. He said that Pulte made mistakes in how this particular complaint was originally handled. He said that he does not know if there are any other homes with similar problems. However, he noted that Pulte has stood up to the problem and generally does the right thing in taking care of residents. The current Pulte warranty for leaks is five years. The home in question was taken care of under the protection of the warranty. He felt that this was not something that most Sun City residents should be concerned about.

· Stucco problems: Derek Morgan made the point that he has personally visited over 100 homes as a part of the “discovery process” which is part of the legal suit that Pulte is involved in with some homeowners. He noted that in his opinion there was only a small percentage of the homes that had a problem. In reference to the John Chakeris led lawsuits, he noted that one suit has been settled while there are 140 others pending.

· Home with stripped or bare wires: Derek Morgan commented as to the depth of the alleged problem that Pulte had no idea of how many similar problems exist as they can only deal with those that are brought to their attention. He said from time to time manual processes produce errors. If homeowners have a problem with circuit breakers constantly blowing then they should bring the problem to the attention of Pulte customer service which can be reached at the following email:

· Phase V Lack of Street Lights: For these type of questions your best bet is to direct the question towards resident BOD members and/or Raul Dominguez.

· Admin Building Update: The reason that no fence will be installed at the admin building is because there was a problem with the location of a fire hydrant. There was not only a problem with the location but also with a lack of pressure which in turn caused the original plan to be revised. Pulte will put a gate in front of the Admin Building. Also Pulte will pay for the access redo. Note: Derek pointed out that people have always been able to circumvent the Admin parking lot by walking around the building without touching the parking lot. That situation remains in place today. Derek also said that Sun City is not as secure as some people would like us to be.

B. Sue Sweeney:
· Security: Security: In response to the recent break-ins, Sue said that we do not have a security crisis in Sun City. She made the point that Sun City is a gated but not totally secure community. Securitas has increased its patrols in the affected neighborhood across Route 278. In addition, the Community Association is in the process of planting additional vegetation on top of the berm on Grace Palmer roadway. This will help hide the access through the berm. In addition the Community Association along with Securitas is reviewing their processes to see what additional steps need to be taken in the event of another incident. There is also an ongoing investigation into the recent golf cart incident where two mailboxes were knocked down. The CA is reviewing member conduct violations as a result of this specific incident.

Sue also suggested that if a resident is going on an extended trip, that they can contact Safety and Services to have them externally check that resident’s home while they are gone. Also, Sue Sweeney mentioned that she is talking to an external company to come into Sun City and do a security audit of existing procedures.

As a note to residents, if a resident feels threatened the first thing they should do is call 9-1-1 and then call Security. Securitas, the Sun City Security firm is authorized by SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division). They have the same authority as a police officer to arrest people and then they turn them over to the police.

· Public Relations (Martin Smith): If a Neighborhood Rep receives a call from the media we should refer the call to Martin Smith, Director of Communications. Martin’s phone number is 705-4962

· Emergency 9-1-1 System: The CA is currently testing this system. The Community Association is still relying on residents to correct their phone numbers. They only fix they are attempting is making sure the 843 area code is in place. Recently the Community Association placed a test call to all residents. If people didn't get that call, they aren't in the system. There will be a TYSK sent out shortly that is designed to tell residents how to update their phone numbers, if needed. In the last two weeks there was a test call made to a number of residents to test the existing phone numbers.

C. Bert DeFazio
· The recent burglaries were a reality check for Sun City. Each month, Bert Defazio meets with the Security Chiefs Association in Bluffton/Hilton Head. He pointed out that of all the communities represented in this organization, Sun City is the safest community based on reported incidents. Bert pointed out that Sea Pines recently had 13 cars broken in to and that 9 of the 13 cars were left unlocked. He noted that the economy was a factor for many of the break-ins as many of the perpetrators were first time offenders.

He also noted that all of the Sun City homes that were entered illegally were unlocked. He said that all Sun City employees have ID badges and suggested that a resident can ask to see the badge if they are questioning if the employee should be in a specific location. Bert also suggested that residents may want to install motion lighting in their homes.

· To contact security, residents should call 705-4083. This is the direct line. The phone number 705-4035 should be used to call in passes, not to reach security.

· It was also noted that Security has a list of Neighborhood Rep phone numbers to call, if needed.

D. Tonja Flanagan
· Tonja reminded everyone that the community has a strict members’ code of conduct. She said if neighbors or their guests are a problem to others, we should document the problem with Community Standards

· In regard to motion security lights Tonja said that Community Standards will approve the request the following day. She reminded everyone to be sure not to leave their garage door openers in their golf carts or visible in their cars.

· In response to a question about having a strange car follow a resident through the gate, she suggested the resident call security and give a description of the car

E. NRC Election

· New elections were held for officers of the NRC. Elected to office for 2010-2011 were Holly Field-Chairman, Don Christensen-Vice Chairman and Ross Glatzer-Secretary

· It was noted that when new NRC officers take office they need to do so immediately upon election. Currently NRC bylaws say June, but if the previous officers are voted out in May, there is no one to conduct the June meeting. For next year, the NRC will change back to a May election, so the new officers can plan the June meeting. Revisions will be made to the By-Laws to support the proposed election date change

If you’re a senior citizen, a retired professional, or anyone, for that matter, and you purchase a house from Pulte Homes, then prepare for being treated like a child.