Monday, April 23, 2012

Pulte's failures

Even a small child understands that when something is cracked and broken that it can't be fixed.

"All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again"

Pulte Homes wants its customers to believe what children know isn't true. Pulte wants its customers to believe that cracked and broken concrete foundations, slabs, and walls (and resulting cracks in floor and wall finishes, eg, ceramic tiles) are "normal".

Just one example of Pulte houses all over the country with cracks in concrete foundations, slabs and walls is in the Fairhaven development in Schertz, TX:!/pages/Fairness-for-Fairhaven-Now/129303310517696?sk=photos

Pulte calls cracks in concrete foundations, slabs, and walls "normal".
Engineers call cracks in concrete foundations, slabs, and walls "failures".

If you want to know who's right, then ask a child.


Touve said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support. Your suggestions and comments have lifted our spirits and given us hope. We are not alone in this battle. The road may be steep but the reward is worth it. I want the entire nation to know about this greedy builder and how they take advantage of everyone. BUYER BEWARE.
We get so caught up in the excitement of purchasing a new home that we are blinded. The city manager of Schertz indicated to us that it was our responsibility to do due diligence and therefore OUR fault that we were in this situation. Blame the victim! We trusted Pulte to do the right thing and build us a quality product. Guess we are at fault for expecting that we were dealing with an honest builder. I am beginning to believe that honesty in the marketplace is a thing of the past!
Thank you again for your help and concern. And thank you for continuing your blog so that others may be made aware of our issues with Pulte.

PE, retired said...

You're welcome. The city manager of Schertz sounds like a "Pulte pig" to me. Is Pulte on his list of campaign donors?
"due diligence" is a LOT easier when you're actually purchasing a physical house (what you see is what you get) than it is when you sign a contract with a builder to build a house (you don't get to find out how shoddy it is until LONG after you've signed the contract). "due diligence" would be a LOT easier if Pulte and their pigs (real estate agents, stockbrokers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, JD Power, etc.) weren't FLOODING the internet and other media with their lies and propaganda. "due diligence" would be a LOT easier if more people who've been burned by Pulte would speak out PUBLICLY.

The fact is that Schertz officials have NO room to talk. While Pulte was building your shoddy house, you were depending upon THEM to make sure that Pulte was building it according to (building) code. CLEARLY, Schertz's building inspectors weren't doing their jobs when they approved for occupancy houses with foundations, slabs and walls that are cracked and broken, houses and decks that are tilting, a water system that is contaminated because of cracked pipes, a community pool that doesn't hold water, etc.

It's time to "clean house" in Schertz, and get rid of all the bums--including Pulte.