Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pulte/JD Powers

Pulte is clever. Early on we were sent a survey that we were encouraged to complete quickly and return. As I recall, the survey was not identified as a JD Powers' survey, and some sort of incentive(s) was offered for completing it and mailing it in quickly. (It was a long time ago and much was going on at the time--leaving one State and moving two households (my mother-in-law) to another, etc. The details of this seemingly insignificant survey are a blur with all that was going on at the time.)

I soon learned that Pulte uses JD Powers "excellence" awards to credit their product and marginalize people like me who say that Pulte's construction is shoddy.

It takes more than a few days, or a few weeks, or even a few months, to find the "skeletons in the closet" in a new house. I didn't find the "skeleton" in the attic (deficient roof truss connections) until we had been here for more than a year. I discovered the other "skeletons" (our leaking roof, deficient stucco, poorly built lagoons, collapsed retaining wall, etc.) after that.

I, along with a LOT of other people, was suckered. In our defense, I and others assumed that the 4th largest house builder in the US, advertising itself as "masterbuilder", knows how to build, and knows how to treat their customers. Boy, was I WRONG!

If I had the opportunity today to complete a JD Powers survey on my Pulte home it would be completely different than the one that I completed years ago, now that I've discovered all the "skeletons in the closet".

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Take a look at sites like http://www.hadd.com/respond.php. and http://www.poorlybuiltbypulte.info/ .

Americans are getting ripped off EVERYWHERE by dishonest, reckless and arrogant builders. Builders who cheat their customers with their shoddy construction. They don't check what they build; they don't inspect what they build. They cheat every chance that they get.

And many of the government building inspectors, who people think are "looking out for them", aren't. Many aren't qualified. Many "look the other way". Many are simply "asleep at the switch". Who gets ripped off by their incompetence, dishonesty, or just plain laziness? You do.

Then you've got the salesmen, the realtors, the bankers, the home inspectors, and a long line of others who stand in line to rip you off. The salesmen and the realtors know what's going on. Do they speak out? No. The bankers want your money. That's it--nothing more, nothing less. Many will do ANYTHING to get yours. They lie; they cheat; there is no limit. And, the home inspectors. Do you think that getting a home inspection will protect you? Did you read the small print on the back of the home inspection contract that you signed? A home inspector is responsible for NOTHING. Even the good home inspectors, who give you a one, two, or three hour home inspection, can't find ALL of the shoddy construction; much of it is hidden. Face it; you have NO protection against shoddy construction.

Where is protector government? You tell me. Face it, folks. We're getting ripped off. And so will our children and grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren, unless WE get off our duffs and DEMAND that something be done to clean up this mess.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here's Pulte, and Beaufort County, SC!


What a record!

  • the hurricane clip debacle
  • defective stucco
  • leaking roofs
  • sinking houses
  • cracks in floors
  • other shoddy house construction
  • stormwater lagoons with MAJOR construction deficiencies
  • acres of dead trees in the Hidden Cypress wetland
  • collapsed retaining wall
  • the coup de tat
  • Pulte "making it up as they go along", including rewriting community bylaws
  • the website
  • impending assessment increases
  • manipulation, including heavy handedness:
  • . by Pulte
  • . by Beaufort County
  • . by the Community Association Board of Directors
  • . by many neighborhood reps
  • . by the NRC
  • . by other Board-appointed committees
  • . by other government agencies
  • etc.