Sunday, April 28, 2013

shoddy construction & inept gov't inspection

It could happen in the US. Shoddy construction and inept construction inspection by government have reached an all-time high. Montgomery Co., Md. is investigating cracks in a yet-to-be-opened multistory concrete transit center that besides extensive concrete cracking has other problems, including floor slabs that are too thin, unreinforced slabs, missing reinforcement, etc. (Silver Spring Transit Center; ). The details of the structural defects are at: . More attention nationwide needs to be given to the problem of shoddy construction and inept government inspection.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

the sad state of construction in the US

Conspiracy theorists aside, there will always be questions in some minds about how so much public money can be spent on a glorified parking garage that is so obviously flawed. Without a thorough and independent investigation that “follows the (public) money”, and includes looking into the relationships of all parties involved, questions in the minds of some will always remain. All parties, the County, the contractor, the engineer, and the concrete inspection/testing firm, should welcome a thorough, independent investigation (FBI?) so that the public’s lingering questions can be answered, and the names of all parties involved can be cleared.

for more on this story see search "Silver Spring Transit Center" or "SSTC".