Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pulte Homes and hurricanes

a timely reminder:


Do you ever wonder why the house building industry is in such a mess? Blame the house builders. If they didn't build such a lousy product, then maybe they wouldn't be in the shape that they're in. Substituting nails for hurricane clips is just one example. There are MANY others. You'll find them right here in this blog.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pulte Homes San Antonio, TX

Picture yourself as owner of one of these Pulte Homes:


Then picture yourself as owner of one of the other around 50+ homes in Pulte's development with "severe foundation and structural problems", who have been trying for the last several years to get Pulte Homes to fix the problems.

--not a pretty picture.


Despite what Pulte Homes spokesperson Valerie Dolenga says, there’s only one reason that Pulte Homes is tearing down these houses.

It isn’t because Pulte Homes cares about their customers.
It isn’t because Pulte Homes stands behind their product.
It isn’t even because of Pulte Homes’ warranty.

It’s because they have to.
Pulte Homes doesn’t do ANYTHING unless they HAVE to.

The fact that Pulte Homes is tearing down these houses is proof that Pulte Homes has lost.

Maybe it’s the FBI investigation.
Maybe it’s pressure from Schertz officials.
Maybe it's some homeowners' and/or their lawyers' resolve.
Maybe it’s something else.

But, it’s clear that Pulte Homes has lost.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pulte Homes and the 20+ ft. high GRAVITY retaining wall w/ MORTAR JOINTS

Did the plaintiffs’ lawyers introduce expert testimony from an engineer? Did the engineer point out that the failed retaining wall was more than 20 feet high? That it was a GRAVITY stone wall (NO STEEL REINFORCEMENT) WITH MORTAR JOINTS? That gravity walls are typically used for only LOW retaining walls because gravity walls, PARICULARLY THOSE WITH MORTAR JOINTS, typically aren’t strong enough to resist forces on high retaining walls?

This was a 20+ ft. high gravity retaining wall that was built with stone and mortar joints. Because they have no steel reinforcement, gravity retaining walls are typically used for only low retaining walls (less than 10 ft. high). Gravity retaining walls are typically not used for high (20+ ft.) walls, because they aren't strong enough to resist forces that act on high retaining walls. This is especially true for a gravity wall that has mortar joints.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pulte Homes and the election

“… two very different paths…” 

One to “government-gone-wild”: out-of-control spending, HUGE national debt, HUGE budget deficit, government overreach, government waste, etc. Who “pays the freight”? We do.

The other to "business-gone-wild": how does that work out? We’ll let you know if the nation ever recovers from the effects of the current economic crisis.

“Two very different paths” to disaster--heads we lose; tails we lose.

Here’s an example of BOTH (in the SAME example!):

Job creation: “Government-gone-wild” gives Pulte Homes $900 million in stimulus (public) $, which hasn’t been accounted for publicly. Who pays? We do. 

Pulte Homes then creates thousands of jobs with the $900 million in stimulus funds, building shoddy houses (“business-gone-wild”). Who pays? We do.

If you doubt the facts in this example, then google “Pulte Homes $900 million” and “Pulte Homes shoddy”.

What a choice: heads, we lose; tails, we lose!

Construction defects' attorneys love Pulte Homes

construction defects' attorneys love Pulte Homes: 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012