Monday, October 15, 2012

Pulte Homes and the election

“… two very different paths…” 

One to “government-gone-wild”: out-of-control spending, HUGE national debt, HUGE budget deficit, government overreach, government waste, etc. Who “pays the freight”? We do.

The other to "business-gone-wild": how does that work out? We’ll let you know if the nation ever recovers from the effects of the current economic crisis.

“Two very different paths” to disaster--heads we lose; tails we lose.

Here’s an example of BOTH (in the SAME example!):

Job creation: “Government-gone-wild” gives Pulte Homes $900 million in stimulus (public) $, which hasn’t been accounted for publicly. Who pays? We do. 

Pulte Homes then creates thousands of jobs with the $900 million in stimulus funds, building shoddy houses (“business-gone-wild”). Who pays? We do.

If you doubt the facts in this example, then google “Pulte Homes $900 million” and “Pulte Homes shoddy”.

What a choice: heads, we lose; tails, we lose!

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