Friday, April 9, 2010

Sembler mall


Tidal Creek Habitats: Sentinels of Coastal Health

This booklet explores tidal creek ecosystems and the various threats to the valuable services they provide. Includes recommendations for protecting these habitats, additional resources, and glossary of terms. 2008. 24 pp. FREE

“In conclusion, tidal creeks, particularly the headwater portions, provide early warning of the impacts from coastal development on estuaries. The message derived from recent studies of tidal creeks is straightforward: The types and levels of watershed development greatly influence the amount of stormwater runoff and pollution that is released in coastal waters. Poorly planned or sprawling development patterns that create large amounts of impervious cover adversely affect the biological integrity and human uses derived from tidal creek habitats.”

Translation: Sembler mall will end shrimping and crabbing from Riverbend pier.

You can order Tidal Creek Habitats: Sentinels of Coastal Health, complete with photos and illustrations, FREE on line at

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