Friday, April 9, 2010

Pulte's "strong arm" tactics and government failures


Sherwin Tolentino, who is among the 27 evacuated homeowners who have had their certificates of occupancy revoked by the city, was told he had until Monday to accept the builder's buyback offer.

The offer covers the purchase price, closing costs, moving expenses, home improvements, utilities for the last few months and some attorney fees.

But Tolentino is unhappy that the offer does not include damages. He said he would have been in better financial shape if he had rented an apartment for the past few years, which would cost about half the price of his $2,000-a-month mortgage payment, and pocketed the rest in savings.

“They're pressuring me to sign their proposal or they're going to kick me out,” Tolentino said. “It's just tough for me to swallow. I need to start my life all over again.”

How would YOU feel?

You bought a new house in a new neighborhood.

A 1,000 ft. long, 30 FT. HIGH, retaining wall collapses.

Your house is condemned. You’re forced to live in a motel.

You learn that the builder didn’t have a building permit for the collapsed retaining wall. You learn that the City Building Inspection Department doesn’t have plans. You learn that certain San Antonio Building Department inspectors are being investigated by the FBI for taking bribes.

Pulte-Centex tells you that they’ll buy your house back for the amount that you paid for it over a year ago. They give you only a few days to think it over. They tell you that if you don’t sign that they’ll stop paying for your hotel.

How do you feel about Pulte-Centex? Would YOU buy a house from them?

How do you feel about the City of San Antonio Building Inspection Department?

How do you feel about government employees and politicians who are supposed to be looking out for you?

My sincere condolences to you, Mr. Tolentino, and to others like you in the Hills of Rivermist. Your trust in the builder and in government has been violated. I pray that you, and others like you, will recover from THEIR sins.


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