Friday, January 22, 2010

SC DHEC--Developers' BEST friend

. (The on-line article from the link is shorter than the printed article on page 4A of today's Island Packet.)

This just confirms the impression that I got of DHEC from the Phase 5 lagoon fiasco, from face-to-face meetings with OCRM staff, from their little "show" here last January, from their responses to emails, etc. DHEC doesn't care about dying wetlands, polluting rivers, clean water, clean air, etc.

"The letter says putting the governor in charge would send the wrong message about the state's business climate."

At least it's out in the open: DHEC, and the SC Legislature, are the BEST friends that a developer could ever have.

I don't know about where you are from, but where I came from government agencies whose name implies that their job is to protect the environment don't flaunt that they don't. And, elected officials from my previous state don't flaunt their disregard for the environment either.

Finally, during OCRM's "show" here last January at Magnolia Hall, part of my remarks included the following facts, and question:

"On June 12, 2008, the U.S. Justice Department and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that four builders, including Pulte Homes, agreed to pay civil penalties totaling $4.3 million to resolve alleged violations of the Clean Water Act. SCHH, along with other communities, is named specifically in that document.

Coincidentally, ON THAT SAME DAY, June 12, 2008, DHEC issued a Notice of Violation of the Pollution Control Act against Pulte for violations brought to DHEC’s attention by SCHH residents, beginning on September 6, 2007. These violations are the subject of this meeting, AND ARE STILL UNRESOLVED.

Question #3: Is it possible that the feds contacted you BEFORE their June 12, 2008 press release to give you a “heads up”, so that YOU wouldn’t look bad for not having addressed FOR MORE THAN NINE MONTHS essentially the same violations that the feds were issuing their press release for? The INCREDIBLE timing of the fed’s press release and your Notice of Violation ON THE SAME DAY suggests that this is a distinct possibility."

I was assured by OCRM staff that there was no connection. ... Yeah, right.

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