Friday, January 15, 2010


A message to my neighbors at Sun City Hilton Head, SC:

I’m not sure which straw broke the camel’s (my) back. Hurricane clips? Lagoons? Stucco? Black (Pulte) wood floor and Pulte’s refusal, at first, to fix it? Firing of resident volunteer committee chairman? Wes being forced to resign his place on the BOD because of his transparency pledge? Pulte unilaterally changing the CC&Rs? Loyalty oaths? Flower pots? Small American flag magnet on a garage door? ANOTHER TYSK with Pulte propaganda? Something else? There have been so MANY straws! But, at some point in time, I said to myself: “enough is enough!”

Needless to say, I would NEVER sign a loyalty oath, or a gag agreement. I don’t support censorship regarding information coming to residents that they SHOULD have (e.g. shoddy construction). I wouldn’t serve in a community position where I was spreading propaganda to my neighbors, or where I was inhibited in any way from “calling them like I see them”. I would NEVER “sell” houses for Pulte.

For my part, I pay attention to what’s going on. I speak out PUBLICLY against shoddy construction and shabby treatment of residents. IMHO, if victims of shoddy construction or shabby treatment fail to speak out PUBLICLY, then they can expect more of the same. That means more of the same for you, your children, and your grandchildren, your extended family, your friends, your fellow citizens.

So, while we may be unable to do what we’d like to do, there are things that we can do.


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