Friday, June 19, 2009

Pulte cuts corners

A builder/developer has obligations to their customers.

Pulte’s customers were charged lot premiums for their houses on lagoons. Pulte sold lagoons as aesthetic amenities. But, post-Pulte lagoons look different than pre-Pulte lagoons here. That’s because Pulte cuts corners every chance that they get.

Phase 5 lagoons are supposed to have the capacity to hold 5 feet of water, according to the DHEC-approved construction plans. (The actual water level fluctuates, depending upon rainfall, and the weather (evaporation).) Pulte cuts corners, and makes them 3 feet deep. And, control structures are built so poorly that they leak. So, what’s the diff?

The difference is, in lagoons with a capacity to hold 3 feet deep of water, that dense aquatic growth can be expected during periods of low rainfall. So, the difference is looking out your living room, kitchen, or bedroom windows onto a body of water that’s clear (5 ft. deep capacity), or a body of weeds that looks like it needs to be mowed (3 ft. deep capacity). Nice job, Master Builder!

So, whether it’s lagoons, or roof truss connections, or stucco, or cracked and leaking foundation slabs, or leaking roofs, or whatever, Pulte has an obligation to their customers to build it right. As can be plainly seen, Pulte cuts corners.

Jon Cherry, who manages Pulte’s southeast region, has promised to fix the Phase 5 lagoons. Fix them right, Mr. Cherry--for your customers.


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