Thursday, June 18, 2009

When will the Master Builder finish?

The Master Builder (aka "Master Scheduler") has promised to fix the Phase 5 lagoons. Initially, MB/MS said that they would be complete by mid August. Now, MB/MS says that they'll be complete by the time that the DHEC permit expires, in January 2010.

So far, MB/MS has adjusted the tops of lagoons 151 and 155 and repaired the leaking control structure and dredged part of lagoon 154. It took MB/MS 11 WEEKS to fix SMALL lagoon 164. In THREE WEEKS, MB/MS hasn't drained SMALL lagoon 150. Actual work fixing lagoon 150 hasn't begun.

Work on approximately 20 lagoons remains, including the larger ones. What do you think? Will MB/MS make January 2010? I wouldn't bet the farm.

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