Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DHEC "cherry picking"

DHEC-OCRM has the responsibility to approve the design, construction, and operation of stormwater management ponds in coastal South Carolina.

DHEC approved the design of lagoons in Phase 5, Sun City Hilton Head, when DHEC approved the construction drawings. It’s a matter of record. DHEC-approved construction drawings call for all lagoons to be at least five feet deep. DHEC-approved construction plans also call for precast concrete outfall structures and other things as well. The design includes pipes connecting lagoons. The system won’t operate properly if pipes are clogged.

Now, DHEC-OCRM says that they don’t enforce depth of lagoons or the material that outfall structures are made of. DHEC says that they can’t require that the pipes connecting ponds be clear of silt.
The DHEC-approved construction plans are clear on these requirements; but, DHEC “cherry picks” what they enforce, and what they don’t enforce.

Only in South Carolina.

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