Saturday, May 25, 2013

I-5 bridge collapse in Washington state

Yes, folks, it’s a dangerous world that we live in; but, I ask you which is worse:
1) Grade school children killed because the school that they went to, in tornado alley, doesn’t have a shelter?
2) Grade school children being killed at school by a nut with assault weapons?
3) Children being killed by nuts who plant bombs at the Boston marathon?
4) Hundreds of children killed each year in the US by drunk drivers
Leave it to the media to make a BIG deal out of a truck overloaded with drilling equipment that brings down a span of a bridge built in 1955 that nearly 60 years later is “functionally obsolete”, but not “structurally deficient”. No fatalities. Three people rescued (relatively unscathed) from two vehicles in waist-deep water. How about a little perspective?

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