Thursday, May 23, 2013

another view, Silver Spring Transit Center

Is the SSTC fixable? Montgomery County says that it is. So do private companies hired by Montgomery County. At first, WMATA’s deputy manager questioned whether the SSTC is fixable; but, later WMATA’s general manager backed off his deputy’s letter. Politics? Based on evaluation reports commissioned by both Montgomery County and WMATA (that are available for viewing and downloading on Montgomery County’s website), I have my doubts that the SSTC is fixable. Given that so much of what can be seen in the SSTC is defective and documented (cracked slabs, cracked beams, cracked girders, cracked columns, thin slabs, exposed reinforcement, missing reinforcement, understrength concrete, etc.), I wonder about what can’t be seen. Are all of the defects that can be seen an indication of other defects that can’t be seen (because they’re covered in concrete or are underground)? Personally, I wouldn’t “bet the farm” that the SSTC is fixable; but, then, I’m not a politician, or a businessman who doesn’t want “to bite the hand that feeds him”.

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