Monday, August 23, 2010


Thank you, John Mann, PE, for your report, "Evaluation of Valley Truss Connection Design for Wind Uplift Resistance", Sun City - Hilton Head, Bluffton, SC, August 17, 2010, John F. Mann, PE,
1212 Main Street, Belmar NJ 07719.

With your superior qualifications in this subject area, your 32 years' experience, and your in-depth review and analysis of design of valley truss connections in houses at SCHH, your authority as an expert in these matters is unparalleled.

Your conclusion that valley truss roof connections at SCHH are woefully under-designed should be a "wake-up" call for SCHH homeowners, Beaufort County, SC officials, ALL public officials, and the public, in general, particularly those homeowners living near the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. ALL of us look forward to your report appearing on soon.

Once again, on behalf of all residents of Sun City Hilton Head and homeowners all along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, I thank you for your learned, comprehensive, and critically-important work on this subject.

Ray Koenig
PE, Retired
Bluffton, SC

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