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John Mann, PE, structural engineer, Belmar, NJ, has followed the roof truss connection problem at Sun City Hilton Head, SC since the story first broke in 2007 in The Island Packet. His report, analyzing design inadequacies of nail and wood screw connections is on-line at http://www.structural101.com/

click on the "valley truss report" hot link.


a note about legal and ethical considerations:

Licensing laws in all 50 states require that individuals practicing engineering be licensed by the state. Obtaining a license requires demonstrating the necessary qualifications (e.g., an engineering degree) and experience, and passing exams (engineer in training at the end of college and engineering practice after 4 years' experience under a licensed engineer). Licenses must be renewed annually or semiannually. Besides a renewal fee, most states require continuing education.

It is technically illegal to provide engineering services, including rendering a professional engineering opinion, without a valid, active engineering license to practice in that state. This notwithstanding, I am:
* a retired civil engineer with a degree in civil engineering and 40+ years experience practicing civil engineering
* Before I retired, I held active engineering licenses in SC, GA, NC, VA, MD, DC, DE and PA
* a HOMEOWNER living in a house that I bought from Pulte/Del Webb at Sun City Hilton Head, SC

When a barber retires after 40 years' cutting hair, just because he doesn't have an active state license to cut hair, doesn't mean that he can no longer cut hair. When an engineer with an engineering degree retires, after 40 years' practice in engineering, it doesn't mean that he's no longer an engineer; it simply means that he can't practice engineering (e.g., provide engineering services, including professional opinions, for a fee) without an active engineering license.

As a retired engineer with an engineering degree, and a past career of 40+ years practicing engineering, and AS A HOMEOWNER, I have had, and will continue to have, MUCH to say about the shoddy construction at SCHH.


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