Monday, July 5, 2010

Dishonest, reckless, and arrogant Pulte Homes

Building code violations/roof truss connections and bracing
The building code rightfully classifies this area as the highest susceptible to hurricane damage. Houses must be designed to withstand a 130 mph wind. Pulte (on paper) substituted 2 nails for a hurricane clip in roof truss connections; but, in MANY houses MORE THAN HALF of the roof truss connections had less than 2 nails, short nails, nails that missed their target, nails in split wood, etc.

Pulte denied repeatedly that there was anything wrong with the roof truss connections. In 2007 more than 2,700 houses built between 2004 and 2007 were re-inspected; 668 needed repairs.


Building code violations/ stucco
Pulte continues to deny that there are widespread problems with stucco here. Look around. How many stucco problems have you observed? Is this just "the tip of the iceberg"? A recent story in The Island Packet tells of mold infestation because of defective stucco. It tells of a home inspector who, using infrared photography, has found excessive moisture between exterior and interior walls in several houses. The single case that has been arbitrated resulted in damages IN FULL being awarded to the homeowner.

The building code requires that building materials be mixed and applied according to manufacturer specifications. Tests ORDERED BY PULTE HOMES of samples taken from several houses here showed too much water and not enough cement. The homeowner’s attorney and their expert believe that stucco in MANY houses here was mixed and applied improperly. Derek Morgan in a “to whom it may concern” letter states that stucco weep screeds "ARE NOT FOR DRAINAGE". This is NOT TRUE.


Phase 5 lagoons
In 2005 Phase 5 residents began contacting Pulte Homes about problems with Phase 5 lagoons. Pulte steadfastly denied that there were any problems with the lagoons. As-built plans show that tops of lagoons were built as much as 2+ feet too low. In late 2008, as a result of YEARS of hard work and persistence by a few homeowners in the Aster Fields neighborhood, Pulte agreed to fix SOME of the problems. When lagoons were drained, large areas were exposed that had been excavated to only one foot deep, while the approved construction plans called for the lagoons to be 5 feet deep.


There are other examples of shoddy construction here.

As homeowners, are these Things that You Should Know (TYSK)? You won’t see them in a CA TYSK email, read about them in Sunsations, or hear about them from your CA, NR, or on SCHH TV.

Who represents YOU, the homeowner?

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