Friday, May 21, 2010

unanswered questions

The following is a CitizenGram that I sent to Beaufort County, SC Executive Gary Kubic via Beaufort County's website ( on 8/17/08:

Beaufort County CitizenGram
Sent 8/17/08

Mr. Kubic,

another blow to county credibility! Building Code Enforcement. Development Review Team. what's next?

FYI, stormwater runoff from the Hidden Cypress parking lot extension flows directly into a wetland without treatment (lagoon). Several acres of hardwood trees in the wetland are dead. This can be seen quite clearly from the boardwalk that goes through this wetland (just to the east of the Hidden Cypress parking lot).

BTW, did you ever find out what agency is responsible for assuring that retaining walls and timber bridges are designed and constructed properly? I don't know. Do you?

As you can tell by my "BTW...", 8/17/08 was not the FIRST time that I asked Mr. Kubic about retaining walls and timber bridges.

What do you think of a County Executive who doesn't respond to county resident questions?

Don't you think, as I do, that it's about time that Mr. Kubic answered these questions? PARTICULARLY, in light of the County's Building Code Enforcement Office that has REPEATEDLY failed to identify building code violations with roof trusses that are improperly fastened and braced?


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