Friday, April 23, 2010

"out of touch with reality"?


The mayors of Hardeeville and Ridgeland and their cohorts think that we’re REALLY stupid.

The mayor of Hardeeville says that we (people in gated communities) are "out of touch with reality" because we balk at their proposal to locate a 1.6 MILLION sq. ft. MEGA mall in SCHH’s front yard. We balk at giving $150+ MILLION in sales tax incentives to a PRIVATE DEVELOPER to build a MEGA shopping mall, at the same time when SC schools have been AT THE BOTTOM of the nation for year after year after year. We balk at locating the MEGA mall in OUR front yard with all of its attendant traffic, environmental, crime, and other problems. It’s located in the headwaters of the Okatie, which will ruin the Okatie, and shrimping and crabbing from OUR Riverbend pier, FOREVER.

They lure us here to retire, and benefit from our $ supporting their local businesses, and our tax $, and then they dump on us. They tell us to our faces that we're "out of touch with reality". They say "Yankee go home". At the same time they expect us to embrace their MEGA mall project.

Actually, I see quite clearly how Bronco and his friends think that we’re stupid, and that we can be pushed around. After all, by and large, we haven’t stood up to Pulte, the SCHH CA, Beaufort County, DHEC, etc. By and large, we’ve done NOTHING in response to the STEADY stream of insults directed towards us in BT’s vox.

I say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". "out of touch with reality"?
Bronco, tell your friends that those are fightin’ words. Tell them that it’s YOU who are "out of touch with reality." AND, tell them that we AREN’T going back to where we came from. We’re here to stay, and SOME of us are going to fight you EVERY step of the way.

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