Monday, March 1, 2010


Edmund Burke said: "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Things won't change unless victims of shoddy construction speak up, and SPEAK OUT! Not across the back fence in a private conversation with your neighbor, but PUBLICLY.

Builders, particularly BIG builders, have LOTS of resources! The airwaves are FLOODED with their self-promotion. They have a virtual ARMY of supporters feeding at their troughs: contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, salespersons, real estate agents, consultants, etc. How do YOU fight ALL that "spin"?

Answer: GO PUBLIC! One way is to create your own FREE blogsite, and tell your story PUBLICLY. Another way is to tell your story on one of the MANY internet sites devoted to exposing shoddy construction. Another way is to use, like the builders and those feeding at their troughs do. On create your own "Tweets". "Re-Tweet" the Tweets of victims of shoddy construction. Create our own virtual army! NOW THAT'S "FAIR AND BALANCED"!

Builders don't like negative publicity. It hits them where it hurts--SALES. If you're a victim of shoddy construction, then hit the builder where it hurts. GO PUBLIC!

Eventually, builders may "get it", and stop shoddy construction. Your children, your grandchildren, your friends, and your nation will thank you.

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