Thursday, March 25, 2010

snake oil


"Jeff Fuqua, president of The Sembler Co., the project's developer, released a statement Thursday hailing the amended version as "a great victory for economic development" in the area.

"While the Senate-passed bill is different from the original bill, it nonetheless gives our company the ability to continue with plans for a high-end shopping mall that not only creates jobs but attracts new tourism dollars and expands the tax base," he said.

Sembler officials previously said the original bill was critical to their plans to build about 1.6 million square feet for national retailers and Italian and American designers at the intersection of U.S. 278 and S.C. 170. They say the project would bring an investment of about $400 million and create as many as 2,500 jobs in a relatively poor, rural region."

Why would ANYONE believe ANYTHING that Sembler says?
First they say that they won't go ahead with the mall uless they get $100+ MILLION in state sales tax incentives. Then, when they don't get it, they call it a VICTORY.

"... a great victory for economic development..."
"... attracts new tourism dollars and expands the tax base..."
" many as 2,500 jobs..."

a chicken in EVERY pot.

Snake oil, anyone?

Also, if Senator Pinckney's colleagues in the SC Legislature want to help Senator Pinckney's, AND THEIR OWN, constituents, then they'd focus their efforts on fixing public education in South Carolina. Year after year South Carolina is at the bottom of the nation in public education.

If those having a twelfth grade education in South Carolina compared favorably to those from other states with a twelfth grade education, then they could compete for the high-end mall, and even better, jobs. The SC Legislature knows that a good education is the key to good jobs, NOT public handouts to private developers of shopping malls.

"Leatherman said senators want to help Sen. Clementa Pinckney, D-Ridgeland, a leading supporter of the incentives, create jobs for his district."

more snake oil.

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