Thursday, March 25, 2010

No-show Pulte

In January a 1,000 ft. long, 30 FT. HIGH, retaining wall collapsed at the Hills of Rivermist community in San Antonio, Texas.

On Tuesday, March 23, there was a public meeting for residents of the community. The builder, Pulte-Centex, didn’t show.

“City Councilman Reed Williams said the reason for the no-show had more to do with legalities than politics.

“They are just in a very difficult situation with their legal department over what they can do and where they can go and what they can say,” Williams said.

“That is such a ... lame excuse,” said Mary Moreno, whose daughter lives in Rivermist.”

Mary Moreno is right. It is a LAME excuse.

All Pulte had to say at the beginning of the meeting is: “We know that you all are interested in the replacement wall. We’re here to answer all of your questions about the replacement wall.

We can’t address specific claims that some of you have because:

1. obviously damages are different for each claimant
2. property damage at one property will be different than property damage at your neighbor’s house next door
3. each claim must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis
4. it wouldn’t be fair to take up everyone’s time discussing your claim individually.

Now, what questions do you have about the replacement wall?”

Why else would Pulte refuse to show up for a public meeting on THEIR project? ONLY because that’s their SOP. They try to deal with people one-on-one, and have them sign gag agreements. If folks don’t know what’s going on, then Pulte can limit THEIR damages.

There are MANY feeding at the Pulte-Centex trough, making LAME excuses for them: Pulte-Centex themselves, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, salespersons, real estate agents, and POLITICIANS.



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