Thursday, March 18, 2010

SC lawmakers

South Carolina lawmakers don’t get it.

Year after year South Carolina ranks at the bottom of the nation in education. What do South Carolina lawmakers do about it? They debate a bill that would invest upwards from $100 MILLION in tax incentives to a private developer to build a mega shopping mall--tax money that would be siphoned from public schools.

S.C. Department of Education spokesman Jim Foster says, "While you’ve got to acknowledge that economic development is critically important for that area of South Carolina, it obviously would be a concern if several million dollars in K-12 funds were cut."

"But at this point, that would be like throwing another bucket of water on somebody who’s already drowning because public schools have already taken more than $700 million in cuts over the past 22 months," Foster continued. "The big issue continues to be … this ongoing practice of making piecemeal changes to state tax policy instead of looking at the big picture in any kind of comprehensive way."

What is the matter with South Carolina lawmakers? When will they get it? When will they understand that South Carolina’s future doesn’t depend on investing MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars in mega shopping malls; but, it DOES depend on educating South Carolina's children? THEY, not mega shopping malls, are the hope for South Carolina’s future.

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