Friday, March 19, 2010

bottom feeders

“Caveat Emptor” we’re told. “Let the buyer beware.”

Some salespersons and real estate agents are “bottom feeders”, just like shoddy builders. They peddle BAD houses, and they KNOW that they are peddling BAD houses.

Just yesterday I saw an on-line real estate company in Chicago peddling houses at Hills of Rivermist in San Antonio. I feel for the folks who own houses there, and who want to get out. Who wants to own a home in a subdivision where a 1,000 ft. long, 30 FT. HIGH retaining wall has collapsed? But, I ALSO feel for the unsuspecting buyers who are being sold damaged goods. Who’s looking out for them?

About six months after we moved to Sun City Hilton Head, SC, I heard that certain local real estate agents won’t touch houses here because of Pulte Homes’ shoddy construction. Where were those few when we were buying? MOST real estate agents here show houses at SCHH, even though they KNOW about the stucco lawsuits, the missing hurricane clips, the leaking roofs, the cracked floors, the shoddily constructed stormwater management lagoons, etc.

Some real estate brokers are BOTTOM FEEDERS, just like their shoddy builder counterparts.

Caveat Emptor--let the buyer beware.


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