Tuesday, March 2, 2010

post mortem

In his column in Bluffton Today yesterday Herbkersman paints a very rosy picture of the outcome of the Phase 5 lagoon fiasco. Here’s mine:

I found the whole situation unsatisfying and frustrating. MANY of the construction problems with the lagoons didn’t get addressed. Why? Largely because of the WORST builder and the WORST state environmental agency (DHEC) that I’ve seen in my 40+ years as an engineer.

Also, because of SCHH’s Property and Grounds Committee. They suggested at one meeting in Beaufort that all that Pulte had to do was to put in a plan amendment to change the depth of the lagoons to 3 feet, instead of the 5 shown on the original plans. The Property and Grounds Committee said that DHEC would have to approve it, and DHEC quickly agreed.

Then there’s the politicians who created DHEC, and then turn a deaf ear to DHEC’s ineffectiveness. But, who are more than willing to make “a little hay” trumpeting their success “dealing with stormwater issues”.

Finally, the overwhelming apathy of MOST of the residents here to the lagoon mess.

One of the members of the Phase 5 lagoon committee said to me during the fiasco that “in the end Pulte is going to do what Pulte is going to do”. IMHO, that’s EXACTLY what happened.

NO thanks to DHEC-OCRM, the SCHH Property and Grounds Committee, MOST of the residents here, and Herbkersman.

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