Thursday, February 25, 2010

will they EVER get it right?


"Cummings, the county's top building official, acknowledged the possibility that with several different models of homes being built in Sun City, inspectors might accidentally use a plan for a home that's different from the one they're inspecting, And, he said, the county's inspectors usually don't have as much time as a private inspector to check a home. As a result, defects that a private inspector would catch might be missed by a county inspector. "I can't say that county inspectors catch every detail" on every home, Cummings said. "We'd be there forever." A private inspector "can spend hours there," he said.

In a discussion after the meeting, Kunich showed both Cummings and county building inspector Clyde Smith photographs of a Sun City home whose trusses were missing fastenings. Smith looked at the pictures for several moments, then said: "Looks like somebody goofed."
Cummings said he would have to see the trusses himself before saying for certain whether they were installed correctly.

Questions about roof trusses in Sun City surfaced almost three years ago. In April 2007,after learning that trusses in some homes were installed improperly, the county spent $150,000 to bring in an independent inspection team to determine the extent of the problem. The team checked 2,749 homes and found 668 that needed repairs."

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