Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toyota, Pulte & corporate greed

The knock against Toyota is that they did ANYTHING to pad the bottom line. In the Congressional hearings yesterday one congressman produced a Toyota document that claimed that they saved $100M by "convincing" NHTSA regulators NOT to recall defective vehicles. Toyota's president and CEO Mr. Toyoda claimed that he knew nothing about the document that the congressman referred to.

It seems like the emphasis at Toyota, not unlike MANY businesses today, is SOLELY on the bottom line: "GET AS MUCH PROFIT AS YOU CAN. PERIOD." Are quality and safety of the product or service to the CUSTOMER a PRIORITY with MANY businesses today? No.

Does Pulte check what is built under their name to assure that it meets building code requirements and the normal standard of care? No. Is Pulte's "culture" to DELIBERATELY cut corners on a wide scale basis, with the result that their customers are cheated, not getting what they paid for? Yes. (Note that Toyota's and Pulte's defects are largely hidden from normal consumers.)

Does Sembler Co. give a "rat's behind" about the environment? about putting an end to shrimping and crabbing off Riverbend pier? about Sun City? about Beaufort County? about the state of South Carolina (that needs all the sales tax revenues that it can get)? No. No. No. No. No.

There are MANY, MANY more examples of corporate greed with TOTAL disregard for customer safety and welfare.

For all his money I wouldn't want Bill Pulte's legacy. His company sold DEFECTIVE, BUILDING CODE VIOLATING houses on a WIDE SCALE basis to unsuspecting customers to achieve a GREAT bottom line. I hope that he enjoys his golden parachute. IMHO he should be sharing accommodations with Bernie Madoff.

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