Thursday, February 4, 2010

No one is watching

A friend of mine in Texas recently sent me a link to an article that examines aspects of the San Antonio retaining wall collapse:

Following is my response to my friend:

VERY good article! Thanks for drawing it to our attention.

There is widespread belief among the general public that government building officials protect them. In reality, government building officials are doing about as good a job protecting the public as government does in other areas: Bernie Madoff, the Christmas airplane bomber, etc.

The result of government’s negligence and failures is that people, like those in Rivermist, get hurt. The resulting void that is left by government’s negligence and failures is filled with chaos and confusion. The article that you reference makes this clear.

In the wake of the Rivermist retaining wall collapse, and the confusion that surrounds it, you even have LAWYERS saying PUBLICLY that the Rivermist wall is repairable. What is there in a LAWYER’s education that makes them structural experts on retaining walls? However, this is the kind of thing that we get when government doesn’t do its job.

This problem isn’t confined to San Antonio or Texas; it’s NATIONWIDE. It’s certainly BIG TIME here in Beaufort County, South Carolina, as is documented in my blog,

Sadly I’m not very optimistic that things will change. We can blame our government for that, and, since we vote, OURSELVES.


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