Friday, December 18, 2009

Incremental house construction

I believe that we will be finding defects in our Pulte houses at Sun City Hilton Head for years to come. Yesterday, Tony Kunich, SC Certified Safe Home Wind Inspector, found another one. Mr. Kunich performed a wind mitigation inspection, and reported the following:

"There are 28 overhead garage door hinge bolts missing from the door hinges. The manufacturer’s specifications (Clopay #75W5, Wind Code 140 mph rated) show 4 bolts in each hinge leaf; needed to meet the design wind load (140 mph)."

Let’s see now:

  • several trips to fix the garage door
  • several trips to the attic for framing inspections and repairs
  • 1 of 4 incorrectly shingled valleys fixed
  • One trip to bring missing hurricane shutters and hardware
  • One trip to fix grading and drainage (I fixed some drainage problems myself)
  • I installed a missing irrigation line myself
  • stucco?
  • other?

Pulte's strategy seems clear: build an incomplete, defective house, and hope that the customer either doesn't discover all of the defects, or, out of frustration, decides to correct the deficiencies themselves. Some strategy, Pulte! Your customers thank you!

Incrementally, this Pulte house may be finished one day (it's more than 5 years old); but, I’m not holding my breath. At this rate (1-discover another defect; 2-get it fixed; 3-back to 1), it could take a LONG time.

.Some Master Builder!



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