Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facts & advice for Pulte & SCHH Community Association

1. Building code violations and shoddy construction here are FACTS (roof valley truss connections, stucco, lagoons, wood floor). Search The Island Packet for details.

A. Pulte wouldn’t talk with me when I discovered defective valley truss connections here.
B. Pulte’s SOP seems to be: deny, deny, deny.
C. Pulte impugns those who report shoddy construction.
D. The proper response is: “we’ll look into it”.

2. Shabby treatment of residents here is a FACT (Propfes, small American flag magnet on garage door, Wes Grady, volunteer resident committee chairpersons, incorporation, etc.). Search The Island Packet and Bluffton Today for details.

3. Gratuitous advice:
A. Pulte should concentrate on serving their customers. Pulte should build a good house for their customers that meets the building code and the normal standard of care.
1) The FACTS show that this is an area that Pulte can improve on.
B. JUST concentrating on building a good house ALONE gives Pulte PLENTY to do; so, forget the rest:
1) Pulte should stop impugning those who know what they’re talking about, who speak the TRUTH, and have the FACTS to back them up.
2) Pulte/CA should stop debating with their customers, ESPECIALLY when their customers have FACTS.
3) When confronted with the FACTS, Pulte shouldn’t deny, deny, deny. When the FACTS come out, Pulte’s denials make them look FOOLISH.
4) Pulte/CA should get out of people’s lives
a) Pulte/CA should get out of the propaganda business
b) Pulte/CA should stop telling people what they should and shouldn’t think.
c) Americans LOVE their freedom: free speech, right of assembly, etc. Pulte/CA shouldn’t mess with these basic freedoms. People resent it.
C. Pulte/CA should LISTEN to their customers. They just may know what they’re talking about.
1) Pulte/CA should:
a) build a good house that meets code and the normal standard of care.
b) listen to their customers
c) get out of their customers’ lives; don’t mess with their basic freedoms


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