Saturday, October 3, 2015

Calling all law firms

Are you interested in a potential class action suit against a builder/developer with DEEP pockets?

At Sun City Hilton Head, SC builder/developer Pulte Homes has built thousands of houses that don’t meet the SC building code. Documented in this blogsite,, are numerous newspaper articles that detail deficient roof truss connections, stucco, foundation slabs, etc.

Basically, the basis for the class action suit is that thousands of homeowners (including me) at SCHH signed contracts with Pulte Homes for constructing a new house. We expected that the houses would be built according to the SC building code. They were not. The resulting damages to homeowners include costs for remedial construction (replacing stucco, installing hurricane clips at roof truss connections, installing roof bracing, etc.) and the loss in value that has resulted from Pulte delivering a shoddily constructed house instead of the one that we contracted for (that meets minimum requirements of the SC building code). Some defects are probably hidden. Other defects, such as defective stucco and cracked foundation slabs, are VERY expensive to fix.

Beaufort County, SC may also be liable for damages in that they issued certificates of occupancy for houses with known defects. Recent newspaper stories contained in this blogsite ( tell how deficient roof truss connections and bracing, which were first made public in 2007, were still occurring years later.


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