Monday, October 12, 2009

Who do I trust?

With one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, purchases that I will make in my life? THAT is the question.

The fact is that to a large extent you have to trust the builder when you purchase a new home. There are MANY opportunities and MANY places to hide shoddy construction when building a new house. You, or your representative, can’t be at all places where and at all times when work is being done on your new house. You’re at the mercy of the builder. Is the builder worthy of your trust?

What about third parties, like salespersons, real estate agents, JD Power & Associates, the Better Business Bureau, the internet, experts, family, or friends? Can you trust them to give you the information that you need to make the BIGGEST purchase of your life?

Salespersons? Real estate agents? PLEASE, GIVE ME A BREAK!

What about JD Power, that gives awards based on customer satisfaction? What about the Better Business Bureau? Can JD Power or the BBB assure you that your new house will be built well?

What about the internet? The internet has LOTS of information from MANY sources. Can information obtained from the internet be trusted?

What about experts? Home inspectors? Engineers? Other experts? Can they be trusted?

Friends? Even family? Can you trust them to tell you whether or not you should trust the builder?

Who can you trust? Perhaps, in the end, only YOURSELF. BEFORE you make the biggest purchase of your life, get ALL the information that you can, sort through it the best that you can, and trust YOURSELF. There is NO substitute for due diligence.


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