Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do they REALLY think that we're THAT stupid?

Two items of interest this week:

1- The SC Legislature voted this week to reject the proposal to place DHEC under the governor. The legislator from Richland County was quoted in the newspaper as saying “I don’t hear that anything is wrong with DHEC.” C’MON! The Columbia newspapers ran an ENTIRE SERIES of articles on inept DHEC. Then there's the Phase 5 lagoon fiasco here. SC Legislature, do you REALLY think that we’re THAT stupid?

2- The Island Packet reported that 668 SCHH houses had roofs that needed repair as a result of the re-inspections here two years ago. I’m reminded of a statement that Arthur Cummings, Director of the Beaufort County, SC Office of Building Code Enforcement, made at the time, which was quoted in Bluffton Today, that “a few bad connections had been found". Two years later and it’s still the status quo in the Beaufort County Office of Building Code Enforcement. C’MON, Mr. Cummings, Gary Kubic, County Executive, Beaufort County Council, and the local delegation to the SC Legislature that is WELL aware of the facts, do you REALLY think that we’re THAT stupid?

Maybe we REALLY are that stupid if we let government officials and elected representatives get away with this kind of stuff. Will ANYBODY (besides me) remember this come local election time?


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