Saturday, June 13, 2009


Four years or so ago Pulte did a really poor job building lagoons here. New homeowners complained about their poor condition immediately upon moving in. Pulte ignored them. A few homeowners decided to persist. They went to Beaufort County. They obtained construction drawings using the Freedom of Information Act. They went to South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. They went to the Army Corps of Engineers. They went to their local, state and federal government representatives. They went to the press.

Pulte’s playbook says to ignore your customers as long as you can. For THREE YEARS Pulte continued to ignore their customers and the construction problems with the Phase 5 lagoons, until FINALLY, under IMMENSE pressure, Pulte is addressing the problems—not ALL of the problems, just SOME of the problems (Pulte playbook). The struggle continues; but, in the end, persistence WILL pay.

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