Thursday, June 11, 2009

Master Builder

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Originally posted by Wes

"It was really great working with someone who understood the reasons for flow charts and critical path planning."

my response:

Dealing with Pulte has been such a pleasure! It started when I wanted to give them a "heads up" more than 3 years ago about the barely-attached roof trusses. They wouldn't talk with me! (And, I thought that I would be doing them a favor!) How do you spell "A-R-R-O-G-A-N-T"?

So in the meeting last Friday I said "You're 85 days into 156-day schedule and there's a LOT of work left to do. Do you have a CPM schedule?"

"What do you want that for?"

"To see how you're going to make your completion date. It looks like you're doing everything in series with one part-time crew."

"We didn't provide a schedule because you'd just jump on us when we didn't finish something on time."

"So you didn't develop a schedule? How do you know what your critical path is? Where did the 156 days come from?"

Allison Tucker holds up the Lagoon Action Plan briefing document and yells "IT'S IN HERE! THE CRITICAL PATH IS IN HERE!"

Like I said, there's NOTHING in that document that even REMOTELY resembles a critical path schedule. I thought that EVERYBODY in construction knows, and uses, critical path scheduling. Apparently, the Master Builder doesn't.

NOTE THE COMMENT. Nice. This anonymous coward can’t refute the facts, so he/she resorts to name-calling. Brave, intelligent, and a nice mouth. He/she claims to be my neighbor. How’d you like him/her for a neighbor?

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geomcs said...

I am a Sun City resident and I think what you are doing on this blog is despicable. You are obviously a fucking dickhead. Instead of PE Retired it should be PE RETARDED!