Saturday, March 21, 2009

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It is really incredible that of all the talented and highly educated people we have living here that only TWO people have applied to run for the BOD!!! Did Wes Grady's experience scare everyone else off? Are they so disgusted with the way our 'English' leader puts down anyone who tries to speak his or her mind in the Business Meetings? There must be SOME reason that no one will even apply for the board... there must be SOMEONE who can stand up to the BOD 'leaders' and say enough is enough??? Maybe the 'Leadership Training Committee' has stopped all applicants in their tracks when they pull out rule that says they must sign the 'vow to give loyalty to the BOD' Anyone have any thoughts on this???


It’s not incredible at all. “scare them off”, or have some of us “seen the light”?

I was kicked off the community website ( for calling Jon Cherry a tyrant. Put another way, I got kicked off for telling the truth. (BTW, if calling Jon Cherry a tyrant is a capital offense, then what about all the names that President George W. Bush was called in the newspapers, on radio and TV, in public by elected representatives and presidential candidates, etc.? Pulte needs a lesson in American freedom of speech.)

Is the SCHH CA a true COMMUNITY association? If you haven’t figured out that answer by now, then you’re not paying attention. Builder (I use the term loosely) Pulte controls the BOD. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is tyranny. Wes had the audacity to pledge to make CA dealings transparent--Pulte and their resident accomplices (on and off the BOD) squelched that. If that’s not tyranny, then what is?

“disgusted"? you bet! With their record Pulte doesn’t have the moral authority to be dictating to this community what we should and shouldn’t be doing--or saying—e.g., Pulte doesn’t have the moral authority to ban me from the website that I’m (in part) paying for.

Since the late 1700s many have fought and died for this country, defending our freedoms and democratic form of government—a republic where we have a vote in the way that we are governed. We do all those who sacrificed a great disservice by folding to tyranny. Where is your outrage, people?

Pulte may control what goes on INSIDE the gates, but they don’t control OUTSIDE the gates. I’ve got PLENTY to say. I may not be able to fight tyranny inside the gates, but I can outside --

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