Monday, February 2, 2009



Pulte replaced the corroding metal corner bead (my neighbor reported that the original metal corner bead had disintegrated from corrosion) and replaced it with vinyl corner bead. Then they re-stucco'd the windows. Similar to my leaking roof, Pulte sent in the "A" team to fix the original shoddy construction. All's well that ends well? is it the end? The attorneys at would probably say that it's probably not the end.


yesterday my neighbor called me to come look at her stucco. Pulte removed the hurricane shutter supports at the bottoms of her windows. There is heavy corrosion.


jaguar said...

I've seen rust coming thru from the metal lath used around windows to form the frame on a Pulte/Del Webb house. One would expect that the material used for stucco lath for protrusions that would retain moisture would be rust resistant or plastic. The practice of framing around windows was discontinued on stucco houses in Phase 5. Stucco has been dropped entirely in the Reflections development in favor of hardy plank which is often listed at half the estimated life of stucco( properly applied stucco) but of course is much less expensive to use.

The repair I saw for rust coming thru the window frame was to apply a primer(base) stucco coat and then a color coat. One would think that in another 3-4 years or sooner that it will show thru again. Eventually pieces of stucco should drop as the lath oxidizes into pieces.

Yaj said...

That is not simply an example of shoddy construction, that is, for lack of a better word, crap!

Such work is not indicative of a knowledgeable or practiced professional. It does appear to be indicative of the type of knowledge and practice the builder looks for in sub-contractors.

People, like the individual who owns this particular example of crap construction, bought these houses intending to retire in them. My grandmother, on the other hand, built her house in Chevy Chase, Northwest Washington D.C. in 1908. It is still there. They used wood siding. The original siding is still there! Whatcha think Pulte?