Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I posted the following on 2/10/09 on www.myschh.com (SCHH's "other" website):

at the DHEC meeting on 1/22 I made the statement: “Pulte controls this community. They control the Community Association and they control information that is disseminated to residents here through our community’s website and our neighborhood representatives. For three years Pulte, Pulte’s engineer, the community association, and neighborhood reps have consistently denied that there are construction problems with these lagoons.”

Is anyone else besides me disturbed by this? particularly by the fact that the Community Association is seemingly an extension of Pulte? that NRs, the website, lower mailbox, etc. are used to disseminate TYSKs that are sometimes little more than Pulte propaganda? that Board-appointed committees sometimes don’t seem to be looking out for the best interests of the residents?

For example, on April 3, 2008 I placed the following message on the webpage of the Property and Grounds Committee:

The following questions, posted 4/3/08 in Vox Populi on the community message board, pertain to lagoons. These are questions that could be answered by an independent, third party before the community takes possession of the lagoons from the Developer:

Are underground pipes connecting the lagoons clogged with silt? run a camera thru them--that will tell. this service has been available for years.

Is it possible to achieve normal water level as shown on the plans in all lagoons, or are some of them constructed so water runs out the perimeter before water reaches the normal water level shown on the plans? take elevations--nothing new here. Picture a bowl. You want water in the bowl to be at elevation 15.0. but, if the rim of the bowl is at elevation 14.5, then, needless to say, you'll never get water in the bowl to elevation 15.0.

Should the lagoons have freeboard (perimeter elevations that are one foot or more above the normal water level (elevation)? This may take a little research--what is local accepted practice? what is universal "good practice"?

There's been no response to this message on P&G’s webpage. However, it’s since been learned that Pulte deeded over the Phase 5 lagoons to the Community Association in the summer of 2007.

Does it disturb anyone else but me that the Community Association, NRs, and Board-appointed committees don’t seem to be looking out for us?

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