Friday, January 2, 2009

Facts vs. opinions

There are facts, and informed opinions, and there are uninformed opinions. Of the three, facts are the most compelling, followed by informed opinions. Uninformed opinions can go out with the garbage.

Admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish facts from opinions, and informed opinions from uninformed ones. How does one distinguish one from the other?

First, look at the source. You wouldn’t seek medical information from a plumber. You wouldn’t look for plumbing information from a doctor. Is the source credible? By their qualifications, do they have authority in the matters of which they’re speaking?

Second, where did the facts come from? Is the data reliable? Did the facts come from painstaking study and research, or were they developed “on the fly”?

Third, are the facts repeatable? Can you duplicate the results yourself? If so, then the data is reliable.

Here are some examples of facts:

1. Pulte stopped installing hurricane clips in roof truss connections in SCHH houses in 2004. They installed them prior to 2004, and after 2007. They refuse to install them in the houses that they built between 2004 and early 2007.

2. Pulte ordered laboratory tests on stucco from four homes at SCHH. The tests showed: (1) high air void content, (2) weak cement paste, and (3) overall low to poor quality of the stucco.

3. A retaining wall failed on the 17th hole of the Hidden Cypress Golf Course.

4. As-built data taken on Phase 5 lagoons show that 30 of 31 lagoons were not built four years ago according to approved construction plans and are not operating as designed. Three years ago Phase 5 residents began asking Pulte to address the lagoon problems. In summer 2007 Pulte deeded Phase 5 lagoons to the community association. In September 2007 Phase 5 residents informed DHEC of the lagoon construction problems.

There are more facts on this blogsite..


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Yaj said...

Well, that all sounds like informed facts to me.

And Pulte's response?

Likely nothing... would follow. These days that is called Customer Service.