Saturday, January 3, 2009

day of reckoning


DHEC to discuss Sun City lagoons
The Island Packet
Published Sunday, December 28, 2008

"The state Department of Health and Environmental Control has scheduled a meeting at 1 p.m. Jan. 22 in Sun City Hilton Head to discuss the community's lagoon system for stormwater management.

Sun City's stormwater system, which relies heavily on lagoons to filter runoff during heavy rains, has been a controversial topic within the gated community.

Several residents have complained to DHEC's Ocean and Coastal Resource Management office over the last two years, saying the lagoons were poorly built.

In June, DHEC officials met with Sun City developer Pulte Homes to discuss lagoons in three neighborhoods that agency staffers alleged were either built or maintained in ways that violate state environmental laws.

DHEC has not announced a final enforcement decision regarding the lagoons."

a day of reckoning.

There are MAJOR construction deficiencies in the Phase 5 lagoons.

Phase 5 residents advised Pulte of these deficiencies THREE YEARS AGO.

Beaufort County and DHEC have known about these deficiencies for more than A YEAR AND A HALF.

The lagoons look the same today as they did three years ago. NOTHING has been done to fix them.

The SCHH Community Association and the Property and Grounds Committee have been NO HELP in getting these problems addressed.

The truth will be told on Jan. 22.

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Yaj said...

PE - We live next to what is now the street run-off pond in our neighborhood. It used to be the pond that serviced the farm that was here prior to the neighborhood. The pond is quite the breeding ground for the famed mosquito.

Problem solved - a starling house near the pond. It is fun to sit on our deck, about 8 or 830pm and watch them skirt about. We don't even need the citronella candles!