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some good advice from the stucco case

“Pulte's and the County's ‘fix’ for the defective connections is to insert a ‘toe screw’."

Following is some good advice from a website tracking stucco problems in Sun City. It can be applied to the roof truss connection problem.

“Many of you have also called my office and told me that Pulte has offered to make repairs to the stucco on your home. While several individuals have expressed extreme skepticism about allowing Pulte to make repairs given their demonstrated lack of understanding about how stucco exteriors should be properly designed and applied, should you decide to entertain such an offer, we would strongly recommend that you require Pulte to explicitly state in writing what they propose to do and require that they provide written specifications for their proposed repair in which the installation deficiencies themselves are all being corrected.”

“Without clear written specifications as to how these installation deficiencies are going to be repaired, it is likely that only the superficial resulting problems of their prior mistakes are going to be remedied such that the original installation errors will again damage the newly repaired areas. You should remember that the stucco repairs that our engineer has observed to date have not been done properly and he has indicated that these repaired areas will fail in the future as the underlying deficiencies have not been addressed.”

The full document (“memo regarding Pulte’s inspection and offer for stucco repairs”) can be found at under “important documents”.

May 2, 2008


Anonymous said...

The following was taken from web site:

My wife I purchased a Pulte home in 2000. We followed all of the normal procedures for purchasing a home including, having the home inspected. We used well known agents for our purchase. This Pulte home was built in 1996 and seemed fine to us..Until!

Almost immediately after we moved in I noticed the exterior siding looked weird.

There were obvious sections of the house that looked under cut or seemed to be separating from the trim or the Eve vents but mostly the butt Joints. ( Keep in mind that I am not the average consumer and did some research on the type of material and installation requirement for the siding after I noted the problem.) Of coarse I was dismayed to find that there was a class action lawsuit against Weyerhaeser company because Pulte used it on many of the homes they built and left many home owners holding the bag! I should have paid better attention!

Pulte's 10 year warranty:
Initially I called my Pulte Rep who at the time was Mr. Ron Brow. Ron came to my house on several occasions and basically told me off the record that I would be taken care of and this was Pulte's fault. Ron No longer works for the company.

After many months of delays and no responses from Pulte I filled out paper work sent to me by an independent Claims Administrator so that I could file for siding damage. Long story short, I had two inspectors come out and I received a binding award for 450 dollars.
Fast forward.. 2006. My own insurance company looked at the house and basically stated in a letter that ' The Damage to the siding is due to construction and/or material defect' I was also informed that because if the issues I may now lose some of my coverage.

After a while
I was sent some new class action documents from a a law firm out of Southern California.. Verboon, Milstien and Peter. This Law group was supposedly going after Pulte for Latent defects. I thought this is great! I have another shot at Justice!

After I filled out all the paper work and signed on to be one of the many neighbors WHO decided to sue Pulte for screwing over this development I had an idea.. I called my new Pulte Rep Mr.Tony McCarthy to try one last time to get Pulte at least fix some of the damage around the windows on the east side of my home. At this point I figured this lawsuit will drag on for years and maybe just maybe if they knew that I was only complaining about this one issue that they would be better off handling it directly rather than have one more Class action to deal with. Addition I considered the cost of repair will include Mold, dry rot, Structural damage!

Pulte agreed to come out and re look at the issue on one condition. I needed to drop off the class action and provide documentation proving it. I did this out of desperation.

To Sum up this nightmare. Pulte Denied any responsibility for the siding issue, I am out of the class action, The city inspector claims the house passed framing inspection, My house is rotting away and I am about to sign on to have the siding replaced with Certainteed Cement siding for 40 k or so..

Brentwood, California

Anonymous said...

The following is the link to the video segment of the following story:

Pulte Homes' Condo dispute keeps residents out -- homeowners offered $25 not to go public with defects and long-term repairs."

EMERIVILLE, CA -- Some Emeryville residents will be forced to spend the holidays in a hotel, instead of their town homes, because of water damage that happened five months ago.

The builder is Pulte Homes. They put a new roof on, and the work is still not done.
"I can't have Christmas, I can't have New Years. That's not right for someone who's paying a mortgage and association fees and property taxes," said Amanda Coffey.
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Amanda Coffey has been living in a hotel in a jumble of boxes and belongings since July. Pulte Homes has been paying her bill while they put a new roof on the town home she bought four years ago.
That's when the problems began.
"Behind here is my shower, feces come out of the shower, where the light fixtures were had water just dripping down," said Coffey.
Today, the kitchen and bathroom are in disarray, parts of ceilings and exterior walls are gone and dehumidifiers hum incessantly. Pulte Homes promises they'll have her moved back in by January 7th. She says she doesn't believe it.
"They have promised us five times we're going to be in our house and it hasn't happened. It's a false hope. Now I'm scared to go home because every time I go home I see more damages," said Coffey.
Yesterday, Pulte Homes sent a letter to Amanda Coffey, saying they would reimburse her $25 a day for food if she signed this document, agreeing not to disclose any information about her problems here.
"They're asking me not to talk to the media, not to talk to my neighbors," said Coffey.
Pulte Homes says the letter is in no way a settlement. No spokesperson was available to talk on camera today, but Pulte Homes told ABC7 news by phone that they will replace damaged floors and furniture.
Their customer relations manager says: "We're a builder that stands behind our product and our homeowners. That's why we're out there repairing things. We'll make it right."
Other families are also stranded at the hotel, but no others would comment on camera. A mold remediation company was at work at the complex today. The homeowners association sued Pulte Homes over faulty construction and litigation is still in the works.
For now, the holidays mean a hotel and the new year could bring a resolution.
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