Friday, October 12, 2007


Pulte Homes decided to stop installing hurricane clips and Beaufort County building inspectors turned the other way. Most residents here treat the news with a big yawn. The Sun City Hilton Head Community Association refuses to get involved, even though more than 2,800 homes are affected. The photo below, which appeared in the 11/4 Bluffton Today, says it all. I wonder if she'll be smiling so broadly after the hurricane when she returns and finds that her roof is gone.

By and large, the media won’t take on big builders. Most people, even those who are directly affected by their arrogant, dishonest, and reckless practices, won't take them on. The building inspectors are more about protecting the builder than they are protecting the public. So where does that leave us?

Despite the apathy of the press and of the masses, things could be changing. Pulte posted huge losses in 2007, including $34.4 million in the fourth quarter for "goodwill impairment". In addition to this website, there are others, like Shoddy construction. poor customer service. The word is getting out, even if it's only by a relative few.

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Camp Lemonade Stand said...

I own a "bothched" Pulte Homes construction project. The defects extend from basement floor to the roof line. Water intrusion in all exterior walls as an added bonus! Living in America takes on a whole new meaning when you are living in one of Pulte Homes nightmares! Also check out: Another fine mess that Pulte Homes left behind. Is Pulte Homes becoming equal to the impact of a hurricane, nationwide? Property value loss coast to coast?