Thursday, May 9, 2013

WMATA & the Silver Spring MD transit center

Metro had it right when it balked at taking over the SSTC. It's clear from the conclusions (Vol. 1, next-to-last page) to the SSTC structural evaluation report on Montgomery County's website that: (1) "...the design depicted in/on the Contract Documents was not prepared in accordance with the applicable Building Code(s), the WMATA Manual of Design Criteria or Industry Standards. Based on our analysis, failure of the design to follow applicable codes and standards resulted in widespread cracking in the slabs, beams, and girders, and reductions of minimum concrete cover requirements." (2) "...the independent inspectors, Special Inspections Program Special Inspector, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, etc. did not raise sufficient concern regarding the numerous issues that were known and/or became visible in the concrete during construction, apparently did not follow up on solutions to those issues, and did not perform their services in accordance with Industry Standard, their Contract, or the Statement of Special Inspections." (3) "...the Contractor did not construct structural elements of the SSTC facility in accordance with the Contract Documents, ASIs, and RFI responses. The Contractor, among other things as detailed herein, placed concrete materials not in accordance with the Contract Documents.” 

Don't do it, Metro; you had it right the first time.

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