Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pulte Homes' pissed consumer


to those who responded "bullshit", let's review FACTS. It's a FACT that Pulte substituted nails for hurricane clips in THOUSANDS of houses at SCHH. Google it, or search The Island Packet's website. It's a FACT that there are widespread problems with stucco at SCHH. A law firm in Charleston, SC is handling individual and class action lawsuits against Pulte and its subcontractors for defective stucco. Google it. It's a FACT that there are widespread problems with cracked foundation slabs at SCHH, and other widespread problems too. Anyone who does their homework will uncover these FACTS. Finally, my blog contains more FACTS about Pulte's shoddy construction. I'd provide the link; but, pissed consumer won't show links. Google "peretired". FACTS are NOT "bullshit".

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