Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pulte Homes "cheap, cheap"

What the experts say about the retaining wall collapse at Hills of Rivermist subdivision in San Antonio TX:

My favorite: 

"msquared48 (Structural)

Yup.  That's their reputation here too.  

A little birdie just flew by and said "Cheap, Cheap".

close second: 

"bridgebuster (Civil)

I found this passage from the news article amusing:

"Travis Watson, 36, said he noticed the ground behind his 3-month-old home in the 8300 block of Valley Well had shifted down several inches Friday, and he called the home builder.

'I was told that I wasn't watering enough,' he said."


"JedClampett (Structural)

Pulte owns Centex.  Two peas in a pod."

for more on the retaining wall collapse, google "Rivermist retaining wall", or you can search "Rivermist" on


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