Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pulte Homes' gag agreements

Can you imagine taking your new car into the dealer for a warranty repair and having the dealer insist that you sign a "gag" agreement before the dealer will make the warranty repair? A "gag" agreement that says that you will not disclose anything to anyone about the defect or seek any other recourse if you are not satisfied that the defect has been satisfactorily repaired?

No? Neither can I.

But, this is exactly what Pulte Homes requires. Pulte Homes’ customers in their Fairhaven development (Schertz TX) with cracked, failed foundations and in Sun City Hilton Head SC with failed stucco must sign “gag” agreements before Pulte Homes will make warranty repairs.

How’s that for standing behind your product? How’s that for treating your customers well?

There ought to be a law. But, there isn’t.

Don’t sign a contract with Pulte Homes to build you a house.
You’ll be sorry if you do.


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