Friday, August 24, 2012

Pulte Homes' fraud

In construction it's illegal for one party (builder or contractor) to make changes to the project, after the contract is signed, without the other party’s (owner’s) knowledge. To do so is fraud. However, that’s exactly what Pulte Homes did with the house that they built under contract with me in 2004. And, they did the same between 2004 and 2007 with hundreds of other customers as well.
The contact that I signed with Pulte Homes in spring, 2004 was for the Wysteria model at Sun City Hilton Head, SC. The model home was built in 2003. The model home, along with all other houses that Pulte Homes built at Sun City Hilton Head in 2003, had hurricane clips at connections between valley trusses and main roof trusses.
Sometime after I signed the contract with Pulte Homes to build my house, Pulte Homes decided WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME, ON THEIR OWN, to substitute two nails for hurricane clips at the valley truss/main roof truss connections--on my house, and hundreds of others as well.

"We acknowledge that there's a mistake that's been made, and we are preparing to go back and fix the mistake," said Jon Cherry, who heads Pulte's South Carolina Coastal Division.

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No, Mr. Cherry. It wasn't a mistake. It was DELIBERATE ON PULTE HOMES' PART and IT WAS FRAUD.

PS  Neither screws nor nails are a hurricane clip. IT'S STILL FRAUD.

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