Friday, July 27, 2012

Pulte Homes' statistics

One could argue that a few houses with failed foundations are statistically insignificant with the number of houses that Pulte Homes builds. That is, unless you own one of Pulte Home's houses with a failed foundation:

However, thousands of Pulte Homes’ houses with failed foundations are not statistically insignificant.

“Michael Dicks, a Phoenix construction-defect attorney, believes that ‘thousands upon thousands’ of homes have been affected by soil problems -- or will be showing damage in the near future.”

Neither are thousands of Pulte Homes' houses with failed stucco.

“…4,300 homeowners …”

or inadequate roof truss connections.

“… 2,600 homes …”

Don’t buy a house from Pulte Homes.

Odds are NOT in your favor.

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